Come Into The Current Century And Start Enjoying Music Through Radio Streaming

If you like to keep it old school when it comes to technology, you still might be getting your music from the standard FM radio, or maybe you're even still using CDs. But good Internet access is widely available in most places today, and it's easier than ever to listen to your favorite music through a streaming service. If you'd prefer to stick with radio, that's fine, too, because today it's possible to tune in and listen to music radio streaming from just about any computer or smartphone.

Tips For Lengthening Your Musical Album

There are many instances in which you might want your musical album to be a little longer than it currently is. Perhaps you need to meet a certain time limit, or your producer or manager has suggested you add one or two songs. These added-on tracks are often referred to as filler or filler tracks. If you have to include filler to lengthen your album, don't panic. There are many ways to do so without reducing the integrity and quality of your musical album.

Trying To Break Into The Music Industry? 4 Things An Agent Can Do For You

If you're trying to break into the music industry, the first thing you need to do is hire an agent. If you're not making much money yet, you may think that an agent should be further down the list of priorities. However, that's simply not the case. For your best chance at success, you need a music agent in your corner. Here are just four things a music agent can do for you.

Why Promote Your Live Music Loops?

Whether you have just started a band or you've been rocking out for a while but want to increase your fan base, getting your music out there for the world to see is key to your lasting success. You have a few local clients, but you want to reach out to a wider audience. When you don't play shows all over the country, or even across your state, and you don't have the fan base or the funds to travel to other areas to play, how do you make your music known to the masses?