Avoiding That Sour Note: Picking Out The Piano Of Your Dreams

Purchasing a piano – whether for your own personal use, for your children to learn on, or even just for the use of more musical friends or family – is a huge decision not to be made lightly or on a whim, given the sheer cost of the instrument alone. But how can you pick and choose the perfect piano for you when there are so many considerations and choices that can cloud your view?

Three Tips For Singing In Your Car -- And Seeing Progress

If you don't know how to sing but are starting to learn, formal lessons are obviously the best way to go to so you can learn to sing without injuring your throat. But singing in your car can actually help you a lot, too, and in fact, it's a great way to supplement your lessons once you start taking them. There's nothing magical about singing in the car; it doesn't directly improve your pitch, for example.